Thursday morning

Broken Clouds, 3°C
Zentrum-Ost, Leipzig

Need more often quiet time for myself. Helps me sort out thoughts and write a little. Would love to write more and more often. All my thoughts about humans and society, politics, emotions and sense of life.
But its hard to calm down after a working day. It’s even hard to sit down to write on weekends. It sometimes feels like another chore or task. Additionally I can’t decide in what language I want to write. I may keep on writing in a mix between english and german. Not a mix within an sentence or article, but in a kind of alternation between paragraphs or topics. I certainly can express myself better in german, but english is nicer to write. English is more fascinating, because it’s not my native language.

Rent a car with driver in Southampton

Another thing I have to learn while writing is to express myself as I want to. Not paying attention to political correctness of words or to a certain manner of writing style. I need to establish my own stile (even though everything I write is in my style), but still I feel a little restrained by my inner focus on writing in a fine, understanding and polite manner.


Light Intensity Drizzle Rain, 4°C

Täubchenweg 5-7

It’s tuesday – it’s chest day. Had a mixed weekend. Did not do anything party-wise. But tidied the cellar a bit. Tidied my living room and cleaned the flat. Still a lot to do. Slept in till 8am on saturday and went to bed at 6pm, because I have been really tired. But only slept an hour. Got up to brush my teeth – went back to bed and couldn’t sleep till 11pm. Felt not well rested the next morning. Got out to drink coffee and espresso at Starbucks.

Moved into a new flat

Hey guys,


havn’t written anything for a while – as usual. Have been busy moving. With all what belongs to it. Cleaning, renovating and dekorating. My new flat is bigger but not as well layouted. But I had to take the chance to grab that flat. Still a lot of work and long not finished renovating. But on the way – piece by piece.


Clear Sky, 18°C

Neklid 1064

Hiking in the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge), mit Nicole, Moritz und René (Arbeitskollege von Nicole). Auf den Fichtelberg und Klinovec.

100 km bike tour to Jena (from Leipzig)

That was quite a ride. Though better than the last – spontanious – time, still demanding. And after you reached your goal and ate a great dinner, the only thing you want to do is getting home, taking a shower and lieing down in your bed.

The scenery on the way was so divers and especially around the Saale Unstrut Valley very pictoures and beautiful. Definetely will be there aigain, to explore the whole Saale-Unstrut vine valley – preferebly at the beginning of autumn. For than is the vine time and all the little stands (Straußenwirtschaften) are open.

I need to have my digital mirrorless system camera by then. To capture alle the greatness in all its beauty.

Our way back was a bit of a hassle. We went with the train. The last connection with bike acceptance on that day. And because of the beautiful weather, heaps of other people who where travelling around the vine region, had the same idea. Because we got into the train in Jena and alle the other people entered it in Weißenfels, our bikes where trapped in the back. Although we all had the same exit station, we decided to drive further to halle, to not have the need to cramp us in a to small train with too many people, or even risk not to be let into to train anymore, for its being so packed.

So we stayed on the train till Halle (Saale), despite risking not getting onto our connection train to Leipzig, because our current train had a delay of 14 minutes.

But all went well, we got home. A little later than expected, butt with less space conjunction.


Friday morning coffee

Mist, 9°C

Bagel Brothers

Morningcoffee, yeah its friday. Training was a couple minutes shorter, but good. Got up early. This time coffee after training.

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Past two weeks

Havn’t been writing in a while. Well it just actually have been two weeks, but it feels like ages. Spent the second last weekend at my parents and it was nice, as usual. The only bad thing was – body wise – that I ate too much. There is always so much food available and it is hard to resist. Maybe it got me some gains though. 😉 At least I made it to 10k run through the beautiful landscape at home. Home? It still feels like home – home is where the heart is (so goes the saying). I simply enjoy the quiet at home, nice landscape, no city noise. If there where a job opportunity or when able to be fully self employed I will spend mor time at home. A place where I can explore my thoughts.

Run, run, run

I can tell you guys I enjoyed this mornings run. It went even better than last week. I was 6 seconds per kilometer better and afterwards I still felt energized. Wasn’t as exhausted as I thought I would be. The reason fo my good condition probably was a nice long sleep and a sleeping in. Didn’t set my clock. Got up at short past seven. Drank my booster coffee and wasn’t in any hurry at all. So I arrived past nine, at the lake.

And you know what after eating my delicious breakfast, I had a really nice and hot shower. That was a good start into the day. Even if it’s past noon already. All my bad mood from the beginning of the week is gone. And I think thats all because of the long sleep. So guys: Don’t forget to catch a good nights sleep every now and then – especially when you are doing a lot of sports. Your body needs rest, otherwise its wears itself off.

Here is a pic of me after running.


Weekend again

Was running like last week. And you may not believe it, Ihave been 10 seconds better, per kilometer. 5,29 minutes was the time. Enjoyed a little dip afterwards – again. Pretty good start for a saturday.

After having breakfast – usual bowl of goodness – I went downtown for a decaf coffee. Drank that coffee and ended up buying clothes worth 300 bucks. Didn’t mean to – was actually just looking for a white t-shirt. Haha —
In the end, I bought two jackets, a backpack and some shirts.

The highlight was a feast after that. Met with friends to have a bavarian lunch/dinner (Brotzeit) with white sausages and pretzels + obazda (a bavarian d

ip sauce). Great taste but also a great amount of calories. But it was worth it.